Words From The Window Seat is my baby. I started this photo series on Instagram back in July of 2014. During an early morning flight, I sat in the back of a Boeing 737 journaling and wrote the statement "be kind to yourself" down on a smaller piece of paper. I then had the idea to hang up the piece of paper on the window, take a picture to blog and post about, and to finally leave it in the seat back pocket for someone else to find. It was the perfect way to combine my love for aviation and my love for people all in one way.  I then started sharing the notes on my personal Instagram. I was going through a really rough season of my life and wanted to share my pain with others in an encouraging, uplifting way. I wanted people to know they were not alone in the midst of their own hardships and trials. People need people. It's such a simple statement that holds such deep truth. I encouraged people to bring paper and a pen so they could do it when they fly too! It has been the coolest to see the tag grow. Then one day in October of 2015, I did an interview for Seeker Stories about my project. To be honest, I still don't know exactly what happened to make my project grow so viral, but it surely did! I suppose the right person just got ahold of it and it spiraled from there. My momma taught me at a very young age to be kind to others; for we don't know what kind of pain they are enduring. That's the heart behind #wordsfromthewindowseat and it's the heart behind everything I do. To be kind to others. To be kind to myself. Small acts of kindness matter so very much.