How many of y'all are way too in love with food? Yes. Me too I'm raising my hands with you. I really have this problem where I eat chick fil a way way too much. And their fries get me every. They just keep getting better and better I swear. The other day I was extremely hangry (what's new) and I demolished my fries in about a minute flat. Next thing I know everything is gone cause I ate it all and I go to put my trash in the bag and BAM 3 GOLDEN FRENCH FRIES ARE WAITING THERE FOR ME!!!!! Is that not the best feeling in the entire world? Like come onnnnn somebody.

Y'all, let's be people who provide joy when we people think there is nothing left. Let's be that little boost people need but didn't even know was there. Like French fries at the bottom of the bag. Let us let the little things we do to others bring smiles and laughter. Lets do that today. Now I want French fries and I'm sorry if I caused anyone else the same struggle. 🍟

I see brokenness and I see pain no matter what direction I turn my eyes to. I see fear being inserted into our blood stream; they are feeding it to us by the spoonfuls. We currently live in a world where we can't even turn the TV on without being absolutely petrified for our lives. I've been absolutely heart broken over the immense chaos and heartache such broken people have been causing our world. 
I could sit here and write a novel about the bad and highlight all those things; but I'm choosing to see the world with different eyes. I'm choosing to not fear- because at the end of the day I am so delicately taken care of. So are you. 
I read words from a girl who survived the shootings at the concert in Paris last week. She said that in others last minutes all around her, they talked about the good in their lives and the love they had gotten to experience. She was thinking of all the people she would want to say I love you to and she would want to tell them to keep seeing the good in people. To not let those men win.

And so that's where I stand today. Though all the chaos in the world around us and in pain I see in my own life; I'm going to keep seeing the good in people. I'm going to keep praying my heart out that others would know love. There is so much good left in others. In all of us.

Be kind to one another. A few words Ellen DeGeneres closes every show with. This little saying is why I do these notes and it's the backbone to everything I do. Kindness matters. It matters a million times over and over again. Simply choose kindness. It doesn't take much effort to step out of your way to do or say something kind. I'm going to challenge you to do that today.

#wordsfromthewindowseat has completely sky rocketed and I wake up every day with my jaw dropped. I am humbled and I don't have words. So I'm doing something a little bit wild but hey that's okay. Ellen- I need you to know: you inspire me and make me belly giggle 11 out of 10 times. We need more people like you in this world. Let me come be on your show and shake my booty in your chair. I have only dreamed about it for forever now. Let's get Ellen's attention or at least try 😏 have the most rockin' day and let's pray Ellen sees this!!! be kind and spread kindness today.

During vacation, I was sitting outside of a coffee shop in Venice, when I had the kindest man sit down with me and talk to me about life for over an hour. We started talking about our tattoos and what they mean to both of us and he had one that has made me smile for a few weeks now. "Don't look back boy" was a phrase that one of the best pitchers and hall of famers, Satchel Paige, said in a news paper article. Paige made a list of his own personal 6 rules to have a long life. Sitting outside talking to my new friend Nathan, hearing why he got those words written on his arm, filled me up. There are so many nasty things and junk we have that we walk around with. Situations, hurt, shame, and regrets. We live it in, we let it fog up our conscious and let it affect our joy. And I was simply encouraged by these 4 words written on my new friends arm. Don't look back boy. Let's start remembering that.

I woke up today way before the sun did. So far the highlight to my day has been the fact that the garbage can lids have magnets on them so they stayed propped up. And a lot of days, little things like that are the best part. It can be tough, and life has been knocking the breath out of me.

We're all fighting and running races to hang in there. I just wanted you to know, I think you are wonderful for getting up today and kicking whatever you are kicking in the face. You really, truly, are actually wonderful. Spread some love today.

Today I start my 7 day, non-stop, 13 flights, working streak. Instead of dwelling on how tired I think I’m gonna be and how much I am gonna miss home, I’m getting stoked and I’m gonna stay psyched. Let’s start doing that. I know there are SO many negatives and downsides to things that happen to us. But if we just put a little bit more joy into our circumstances and find the good in all the bad things, it actually makes life so much more fun. Like one big giant dance party all of the time. Hope you have something to get pumped about.

Today’s a new day. Yesterday was not my friend, and that’s okay you know? I’m remembering these little words. Because at the end of the day, the trials we face and the battles we fight, build us up. And character automatically produces joy. Cheers to brighter days y'all. #wordsfromthewindowseat

P.s. Gonna start sharing some secrets with y'all about what I’ve discovered while traveling. #taystravelingsecrets #1: If you ever fly through MIA (Miami international airport) it is a MUST to stop at Cafe Versailles and order a cortado with sugar. Do not forget the sugar. Also do not look at how much sugar they pour into the cup. It’s my favorite part about flying into Miami. I may or may not pick up trips that stop here just for this cortado. Can’t make me admit to anything though.

I was flying with one of my favorite flight attendants named Lindsey this past month and stumbled upon a note on her iPhone that said New Year goals. One of the first things on the list was to always have her hair done and her nails did. Then in a bullet point underneath it said “It costs to be the boss.” Immediately could not hold the laughter in. How great is that?

Listen to Rick Ross “The Boss” and dance a little. It’s Monday y'all. GET IT.

I’ve been up since 4am today and it would take more than both hands of fingers to count how many times I’ve messed up already.

But there’s something beautiful to be said about that. Because I’m learning constantly, because there’s beauty that grows out of chaos and I like it that way. A life of mediocrity is a waste of life.

May your weeds be wildflowers today friends. Hope you have the best weekend. You deserve it.

Humans. We are such beautiful beings. We deal with pain, heartache, joy, change, growth, life- all at the same time. 
You see, there are things that I am working so very hard to change and mend to become the person that I strive to be. And I'm sure there are things that you as well, are working on too. And let me be the first to tell you I fail. I fail and fall flat on my face each & every day. But you would never know that because you are not me. You don't know what goes on internally- just like I don't fully know what's happening truly with you. We have no idea the battles and trials we all face every single day. Allow grace to flow. Remember to be kind. And when others wrong you, spread even more kindness. Kindness and more kindness after that. We are all fighting. Just remember courage.

Be kind to others friends.

Life has been a whirlwind of emotions. If your anything like me, you get it. You do. Life can kick you so hard in the booty sometimes. But recently (as always) life and it's little joys open up its arms and hug me when I need it most.

I've struggled for so long always feeling like I needed to be wanted, invited, or that life has to open up for an opportunity for me to be able to do something that I'm striving after. Maybe it's fear. Maybe it's not letting courage run full force. But what I do know, and what I'm learning, is that I'm already invited. You & me both. We don't have to wait around to chose joy or to fight for ourselves. We don't need an invitation. Life already invites us to do it. Every single day the Lord challenges us to live a life worth something. You're already invited. I'm gonna start living like it.

Hey. Maybe you had a rough day, or maybe you had the best day ever. But life happens and it's so easy to get down.

Just remember to keep your chin up. The closer your eyes are to the sunshine- the brighter situations may seem.

"joie de vivre" - joy of living. What a joy it is to be alive friends. Don't take advantage of today. It's going to be a great one. I hope that you love bravely and live courageously. And ALSO if you are flying today or anytime soon, please oh please just thank your flight attendants. I'm telling you, they are all rockstars and didn't get to spend the holidays with their families so they could make sure you got home safe. Thank them. Love on them. Give them a reason to smile.

On your worst days. Your best days. All the time: you are golden. Keep on shining sunshine's.

Simple as it gets: do what matters. It will be the most important in the long run.

Words. We can use them to lift up, encourage, fill, and bring light to those who need it most (p.s. that's every last one of us.) let's use words to build today.

My time during flight attendant training was extremely tiring and rough (being away from loved ones and studying so much that I thought my head was gonna explode) but it was so beyond worth it.

To get me through the 8.5 weeks, I decided to write this sentence down on a slip of paper & put it behind my name tag I wore everyday. "Remember your courage." It's gotten me through some of my hardest moments. My darkest moments. My most courageous moments. When you feel discouraged, unloved, fearful, or you need a little extra push to remember why you are following your dreams- remember your courage. You are worth it.

P.s. To this day I still have my name tag and that slip of paper inside of it. I smile every time.

"It doesn't take much to make someone smile." Seriously. You can go out of your way to bring someone joy without even doing anything spectacular. Take a little time to invest some love in strangers/ the people in your life. Buy someone a coffee, or flowers, or pizza. Maybe even all 3. Or just smile and give hugs. We all need a little bit of others sunshine to brighten our days!

Too rad for sad. You know what I'm sayin'?

"Be the reason someone feels loved today." It's been a bold, challenging little statement that encourages me to go out of my way to make others feel loved. I'm realizing (especially with my job) that I might not be aware of others stories and they might not be aware of mine; but that's all the more reason to love more bravely. Joy is contagious people. And loving others beyond circumstance is a beautiful way to start growing joy.

I'm learning how important it is to do so.