Hi y'all! I'm Taylor Tippett aka a traveling' lady.  You may know me as @taylortippett on Instagram or from the photo project I started called Words From The Windowseat. I'm a flight attendant based out of Chicago, IL and spend most of my time traveling all over this beautiful world. I struggle with a lot of broken, but that hasn't stopped me from chasing the beauty, traveling, and making the everyday choice to live full & free.

That's what this space is. It's a safe place where you can come and feel encouraged through my story and travels; no matter what heaviness you may carry. Traveling has healed me, shaped me, and taught me more about myself than I knew possible. I hope you feel encouraged and inspired as you read my words, explore my travels, and see what freedom has done in my life.  

More knots in my hair & stories in my heart.