Hi there! My name is Taylor Tippett. I am a flight attendant in Chicago most days but on the others, I love creating content for some of my favorite brands. I focus on lifestyle & travel but I also do tons of work with fashion, interior decorating, coffee, jewelry, and shoe brands. I'm extremely careful about who I work with because I believe it is extremely important to actually support and believe in the brands and companies I work for. 

Some of my clients I have worked for are as follows:

  • Carnival Cruises

  • Passion Passport (Hong Kong Tourism Board)

  • Discover Cleveland

  • South Dakota Tourism

  • Shure Microphones

  • Ford

  • Nikon

  • Anthropologie

  • Gold Peak

  • Wolverine Boots

  • Ernest & Young

  • Hotwire

  • Urban Outfitters

  • Interior Define

  • La Colombe Coffee

  • Walker Edison Furniture

  • Nena & Co

  • Consider The Wldflowers

  • Flowers For Dreams

  • Ranger Station Candles

  • Boho Pillow

  • Alboin Fit

  • Letterfolk Co

  • Kippy Skateboards

Pricing: Pricing for my Instagram/blog posts really depend on who I am working for and the content you are asking me to supply. If we are working together on a paid gig I usually will ask for 1% of my following ($1,900+ per post). I'm flexible to work out what works best for my client and for myself as well. I am also open to doing unpaid collaborations in trade for product. 



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