Cleveland day 1

I am so excited to share a little from my three day trip to Cleveland. I was lucky enough to be able to go and work with Destination Cleveland and it was honestly such a fun trip.

I had never been to Cleveland but I have so many friends from there so I was pumped to go explore around. I truly ended up loving it. I think the areas we explored were absolutely precious and awesome. Cleveland had so much to offer and I am excited to share what we got into! 

Where we stayed: Kimpton Schofield Hotel


I love the newer, modern hotels. They are my favorite. Kimpton was friendly, beautiful, clean, modern, and it such a good location. It’s a short two minute walk away from East 4th Street which is a really awesome street with some of the best restaurant and shops in the whole city. 

Where we ate: Mabel’s BBQ & Jukebox


For lunch we had Mabel’s BBQ and Y’ALL! I can’t say enough good things. Since I’m from the South, BBQ is one of my favorites. This place was located on E 4th street and was so dang good. Get the Big Pig Sandwich. Please & thank you. 

For dinner we ended up at Jukebox which was in such a cool area. There were so many coffee shops and bars to go explore. Jukebox is a really cool restaurant /bar that had amazing pirogies (which this was my first time ever trying one!)


Arcade Cleveland was this awesome, older indoor shopping mall that opened in 1888. It’s one of Cleveland’s proudest pieces and it was beautiful and had some of the cutest little stores. A lot of people were on break from work eating their lunch enjoying the beautiful light. It made me happy. Really good photo opportunity if you love beautiful buildings. 

From there we headed to an early sunset at Edgewater Beach. I found my favorite tree there, I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was! Edgewater is a cool spot to spend a hot summer day at and I loved visiting and walking around. 


Gordon Square Arts District is a really cool area to spend some time in visiting all the really awesome shops. Some of my favorites were FOUNT, iLTHY, Land of Plenty, and Oceanne. They also had a really awesome donut shop called Brewnuts that you have to check out! 


Can't wait to show y'all more of this cute city! 

This blog has been #sponsored by Destination Cleveland