my piece is in a magazine

“I don’t know how to love with half of my heart; just the whole thing.” -an excerpt from a piece titled 2,320 miles featured in the first issue of Mouthwash.


Some of my best friends just started pre-orders for their magazine where my writing is featured in it along with a lot of amazing work from other creatives. I’m sharing my heart that shines light onto heaviness, unhealthy relationships, & an unhealthy want for love. A few years ago I was in a relationship that took a lot away from me. I lost my voice & I temporarily lost my faith. I spent a lot of time yelling at God. I felt really trapped in another human being.


Ever since that season of my life, I’ve really worked hard and fought hard for myself. To stand back up again. To get my voice back. And I have. I’m not fully there yet and there’s still a lot I have to work through, but I really feel like I had to stick up for the girl I was 3 years ago who didn’t use her voice. And that’s what this piece is. It’s brave. It also features photos Mackenzie Freemire took of me (florals by Tara Avers) for my piece that convey exactly what I wanted them to: feeling trapped but growing no matter the circumstance.


If you want to read my whole piece & see more you can preorder here. 🌿 xoxo