kicking anxiety in the BUTT.

Anxiety. Even me typing it makes my eyes do a little rollin'. But today I wanted to share something really important in my world. It's from my heart and I don't have all the right answers and anxiety is a beast, but this is a little piece of what I have been going through and I know it can help some of you wonderful humans. I decided it was time to try to kick my anxiety in the BOOTAY (or at least attempt too) and this is where I am with it.

I want you to know that I am 100% a firm believer in mental health being a real thing. It's a huge, real battle that more people need to strive for and figure out. Anti-depressants/ SSRI meds are a part of that journey for a lot of sweet humans and that is beyond okay. Back in September of 2016, I decided my battle of feeling like I couldn't breathe without stressing or having a panic attack was way too out of control. So, I turned to Zoloft for help. It DID help so much with my anxiety for awhile, but as the months passed by, I started to realize that even though my anxiety was gone; my soul was kind of getting sucked along with it. I felt so out of touch with who I was and became so numb to so many things in my world. It wasn't until a few months ago I started to pick up on it. I came to a point where I had to step back and say "What does my body NEED? What is best for ME? Where does my anxiety stem from?" I surely and slowly started to figure it out.

I decided to take a HUGE jump on my own. A few weeks ago I cold turkey got off of my SSRI anxiety meds that I had been on for 6 months. I know I am crazy and I know it wasn't the smartest idea and everyone told me no; but I had to do it. P.s. please always talk to your doctor first. Don't do what I did, but I just REALLY felt called to it and jumped. I haven't been on my meds in weeks and getting off them was the absolute WORST thing ever imaginable (the withdraw symptoms were my worst nightmare). But I'm here and alive and the Zoloft is out of my body. I am starting to feel again and things are starting to make more sense to me. It's amazing. It really truly is and this was 100% the best choice I could have made for myself. 

So...what the poop am I doing with myself now? Well-- most days I never know the answer, but I am slowly starting to unravel this nasty thing that is called anxiety. Where it stems from, how I cause my own anxiety issues, and that Jesus is moving through it all. It is beautiful. I'll get more to that whenever I write my book...that's not for this blog post and I am still just starting to unravel it and walk though it.

But to help you beautiful people who keep up with me and want to know how I am doing it and dealing with it now or if you feel like you are anxious and it's becoming something a little bit too much to handle; I'm here to share a few practices I have put into my life. It's an every day journey and I still have no idea what I am doing but Jesus & I are unraveling it every day and that is okay. 

The first and biggest thing I have started to incorporate into my world is Young Living Essential Oils. It's a new, HUGE trend that is growing like crazy (even though the art has been around for forever), but it has been amazing for me. Everyone uses them for so many different reasons, but I have been really pushing them in my day to day to help calm and heal my anxiety. You can use them by diffusing them, putting them in your water and food, cleaning with them, or even putting them into the palm of your hand and breathing them in to wake up some of the chemicals in your brain to start working. It has actually done wonders for me y'all. Young Living's oil blend called Stress Away that I swear by. I promise you. I put it in my diffuser in the morning to get me going and I put it in my diffuser at night to calm me after an anxious day. I place it on my wrists and on my throat before doing service while being a flight attendant to calm me and get me ready to go. It would probably be the perfect weapon for all you nervous fliers out there! I even put Lavender on the soles of my feet before going to sleep to calm my body.

The oils are my absolute favorite, and YES, it actually does work for me. I feel a difference and it has become something I am so excited to grow in. I love chasing healthiness and anything that brings wellness to my world. I'll have more blog posts later with all of my uses and recipes and things like that, but for now, I wanted to leave you with where I am at and something that has extremely helped me with my walk of fighting the dang thing. 

The way I started (and the best way to start playing with oils to see if they are right for you) is by purchasing the starter kit from Young Living. Yes it is pricy which is intimidating jumping into something that is new. Is it worth it? 100% yes, no questions asked. You will use it all of the time, I know I do. Wether it is by diffusing, ingesting, cleaning, cooking, putting it in your bath, on your skin, or even in your hair; you will use it. 

This is the diffuser I use that came with the Young Living Starter Kit!

This is the diffuser I use that came with the Young Living Starter Kit!

It has helped me incredibly with my anxiety and oils have so many more benefits than that. If you want to get started; you can click on this link and sign up as a member to get all the discounts and special promotions and deals & start shoppin' away. I would for sure start with the premium starter kit and go from there. You can click here to get started and find out more:

I'll already be set up as your sponsor when you use that link. You want to have "member" clicked because that's how you get all the deals and member prices and discounts (the other box "retail customer" doesn't get that advantage!!!). And no-- being a member is 100% free and no extra charges or things like that. After that you just pick the starter kit you want (i'd go with the premium starter kit because that's what I started with) and go from there! P.s. you do NOT have to set up a monthly order (step 2). By all means, go ahead and do it if you want to have an order set up for the next month. But my advice is to just get a starter kit, play around and see what works for you, do some research on oils, and then come back and put another order in! Email me if you have any questions because I for real want to help you figure it all out! 

Another natural remedy I started incorporating was taking this natural herb in pill form: Abhwagandha. It is incredible. It takes like farts though. Worse than farts honestly. I'm not even lying either. It is horrible, but it incredible and it is an amazing natural herb that others have been using since ancient times. Do your research because it's honestly incredible. It has so many health benefits but the biggest one for me being that it helps with anxiety, stress, and fatigue. You can get it in powder form too and incorporate it into your smoothies which is how I've seen a lot of wellness bloggers do it. I picked mine up at the local health foods store but you can order it online or use it however you want to. 

Lastly-- I started working on my breathing. I know, super weird and not the most practical thing but it has been so good for my soul. There is this app called calm that you can get in the app store for free and it gives you daily breathing exercises. I do it all the time on the train going to work or coming home and it has been incredible. Stopping and reentering my mind and my body and taking control by just breathing really does wake something up inside of me. I love it. 

If you have ANY questions, please please please shoot me a message. You can send me an email by clicking on my 'contact' page in the upper right hand link of my blog and we can talk from there. I am so excited to be taking care of me by the art of essential oils, natural herbs, and just going back to the basics. A healthy self is the best self. I'm learning it. And learning sometimes means failing. But I'm going to continue to pick myself up and keep on growing and running towards it.

Look into essential oils. Talk to your doctor. Talk to the people in your life. Figure out what your body needs and what harm you are causing it. A lot of my anxiety was my own fault, and if you take the time to take care of yourself, your mind will display that too. I'm new to the journey but all of these things listed really have been a help for me so far. If you have any helpful hints too please comment them in the comments or email me so I can add them in to the blog. Were all in this together! 

Stay encouraged and do what is best for you and your body. Listen to it. P.s. if you struggle with anxiety you are NEVER alone. Ever. All of the love.