Lagos 2017

I love Portugal. I love Portugal. I love Portugal. 

Seriously. There is something about it and I wish I had all the right words and rambles to explain to y'all why I love it so dang much but I couldn't even if I tried. It's my Neverland and I feel so connected to life when I'm over here. I was here last August and it stole my heart. Now I'm back on my first ever solo trip and it is even better the second time. Sharing some new favorites of mine. Enjoy! And get out to Portugal as soon as you can. You can thank me later. 

WHERE I STAYED: Camone Hostel


Lagos is filled with tons of normal European "chain" cafes. They are all over. SO finding a cute, cozy, authentic and not touristy spot to eat was somewhat of a challenge. So here are a few of my favorites that I had to really search for to find.

Goldig Cafe. Vegan cafe. Cute as all get out. Only a few outside seats. Coffee cups as big as your face. Organic fruit and local products used in making all their goods. Their homemade bread is to die for. For real. Really good for breakfast/brunch. 

Bora Cafe. The best for a pick me up juice or light and fresh snack. 

The Garden. By far my favorite little spot to go grab a pitcher of sangria at and to sit and enjoy everyone. It also really really helps that it is the cutest and hip little bar/ restaurant probably ever. It is so dang cute. Make sure you make a reservation though if you have a few people. If not you will have to sit in the back area that they call the "chill" corner, which I liked better than having a table. They have a fish of the day special and it was so dang good. I love this spot. 


Praia Da Piedade. 

Praia Da Piedade.

My favorite view in all of Lagos. It's not exactly a beach you go have a picnic on and layout at, but more of a thousand stairs you hike down for the view that speaks for itself along the way. It is to DIE for. I like to call it the Goonie Beach because it reminds of where the Goonies were filmed! If you are going during the summer months, I highly recommend waking up early and seeing it before all of the tourist roll in. So make sure you are out there before 10 AM.  Here are different views from all angles around the stairs down to the bottom.

Praia do Camilo. 

My favorite beach to go layout on and dance away the day in the sun. It gets extremely crowded so make sure you go early. There are two sides to the beach that are connected by a tunnel so if one side is crowded, make sure you go check out the other!

It's the best beach for all you sea glass hunters out there while staying in Lagos. I checked the tide chart for Lagos and went on an early morning hike out there during low tide and collected a whole bunch of sea glass. Made me the happiest ever. And there are SO many more rocks and things to climb upon, the beach seriously gets 3 times bigger. It was beautiful at sunrise. 

Lagos has my heart. I am beyond thankful that I got to go back just a year later. I think I am going to make this an every year trip and you should too ;)

-xx, a travelin' lady