Oh Amsterdam. So many heart eyes and so much love for this magical city. I only had 25 hours there but I did not want to leave and I can not wait to go back. Going to share a few of my favorites through this blog and some of the most popular recommendations I got (even if I couldn't go check them out myself). 



Beware of the bikes-- not even kidding with y'all. I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes at least 5 times. And I wasn't even there for a full day! They do not kid with their biking. It is honestly incredible but you for sure have to be on the lookout for the bikers. They have the right away and they fly by so just be on guard! Also I didn't get to rent one because of how short my layover was but EVERYONE recommends it. It's kind of the only way to get around. 



Hubba HUB. I seriously found my most favorite shop to date in Amsterdam. These pictures above prove it too. I am a plant freak and the shop called Wildernis did not prove me wrong. If you don't care too much for plant babies than it probably won't be your store but it was incredible. I wanted to take a million photos. Was like walking into the most beautiful dream! 

Other shops not pictured: The Darling, All The Luck In The World, Gathershop, Friday Next, KOLIFLEUR. 



We ate at the breakfast club and it was so cute I thought I might pee my pants. Literally. The set up was so much and everyone was sweet and hip. I loved it. And it helps that I demolished these special Pancakes in like .5 seconds. No exaggeration. 

Others not pictured: CT coffee & coconuts (EVERYONE recommended), Cotton cake (cafe), MOOK Pancakes (tried to go but line was crazy. Get there early!), Bocca Coffee, Bakers & Roasters, Back to Black, Lavinia Good Food. 

I also took a sneaky photo at the bench where a scene from Fault In Our Stars was shot. It's the one pictured above and it makes me so happy. I wish I had more spots to share but I was beyond jet lagged and was running around on a layover for work; but until Next time Amsterdam!