After 4 days running around in Lagos, we headed back to Lisbon for 4 more days of exploring. Back story of this trip is kind of fun. My traveling buddy Bryce & I were actually going to spend our vacation in Rome & Santorini, but due to troubles with life and some family issues going on, I had to back out last minute. So Bryce & her cousin Jordan planned on Portugal instead. Things ended up clearing up for me and I decided I still wanted to travel with them so I tagged along. I had honestly never really heard of anything in Portugal. I had no idea what it was like or where we were going or what the cities were like. I just booked my hostels and flights and didn't do any research and showed up. I think I enjoyed the trip so much more and was so amazed because I had absolutely no clue what to expect. I hope you have sweet friends in your life that will always have like your back and let you feel included and invited, no matter the messiness. So excited to share my few days in Lisbon. There was so much we didn't get to do and see and I can NOT wait to go back. My favorite place I have been internationally so far. 

Where we stayed: Lisbon Old Town Hostel 

Our hotel was pretty good. Not my favorite hostel I've ever stayed in for a couple different reasons, but mostly because we had a weird experience with our roommates but the staff were the cutest and extremely helpful. The location is SO ideal and it's such a close walk to all of the stuff you want to be exploring in. 

Favorite places to Eat: Quase Cafe, Time out market & Manteigaria

Pastel de nata. Lisbon's famous pastries. They are amazing and I wish I could eat them 5 times a day. We basically did the entire trip. These egg tart pastries were invented back in the 18th century from Catholic monks. Back then egg was used to starch the nun's clothing, so they had an abundant supply off egg whites left over after doing the laundry and needed to do something to do with it. So they would use it to bake and this is where these bad boys were invented! Manteigaria was our local favorite shop to get them around the area we were staying in. Can't forget our daily shot of espresso too! 

Right around the block was this amazing market called Time Out market! They seriously had everything there. Fresh flowers, Sweets, Dinner & Lunch, foods from all different cultures, and of course all of the seafood. It is the perfect spot if you want a huge variety of food selections.

This next spot is so near to my heart. Quase Cafe. During our last day exploring before I had to head back to the states, I got my phone stolen by a pick pocketer. It seriously happened in the blink of an eye. I was so upset and beyond stressed out. It all ended up working out but it was not fun. Right after it happened we went into this cafe to see if they spoke any english and to see if they could help us. There was not a ton they could do, but they were the sweetest couple and my heart was just so comforted by them and being in their shop. They had the best cheese I have seriously ever eaten in my life (that is a huge deal) and the best mojitos. Whew dang it was unreal how good it was. They brought comfort to my distress and I want everyone in the entire world to experience Quase Cafe. 

What to do: Day trip to Belem, Day trip to Sintra, market on Saturday, Get a picture of the famous 28 tram car

Day Trip to Belem. Since I don't have enough good things to say about Lisbon's famous pastry (astel de nada) of course we had to take a day trip out to Belem to eat some at the bakery where they originated! It was so worth it. The line gets extremely long so make sure you don't wait for a table and go at a good time! The train leaves right from Lisbon and is a short ride over to Belem. 

Day trip to Sintra. Honestly, I should probably just have a separate blog post for Sintra because that is how much beauty there was. I got so many amazing captures and basically just walked around all day with my jaw dropped. It is the most gorgeous castle with so much character and history. Please make sure to take the train to Sintra. It was incredibly worth it and one of my favorite parts of the trip. 

Saturday Market: Feira da Ladra. A guy who worked at our hostel and quite a few other people recommended the market that happens on Saturday. It also happens on Tuesday but we weren't there for that day. We ended up going and there was so much stuff. For sure make sure you go and check it out! We met the sweetest girl who made the cutest handmade prints to pay for her school.

Make sure you catch a picture of the famous 28 tram car! And also make sure you hold onto your purse cause this is when I got mine stolen. People warn you every 5 minutes about holding onto your bags and it is no joke. 

Lisbon was so amazing and I feel like I didn't even get to see half of it. I can not wait to go back. The ridiculous hills, breathtaking tile, and Pastel de nada are some of my favorite traveling memories. Until next time Lisbon!