the flight attendant life

I posted on Instagram awhile back asking you guys to ask me any question you had about me being a flight attendant. So... Here are some questions & answers from that!


Emma (@emmabuggy) asked “What airline do you work for? Did you get a college degree in anything? How long have you been working as a flight attendant?”

I currently am a flight attendant for American Airlines. I went to community college in North Carolina for a year taking general courses, but I just knew school wasn’t for me. I had a desire to do something different and not believe the lie that everyone needs to go to school to be successful. So I packed up my 91 Honda Accord and moved from North Carolina to Florida to become a nanny. I was there for about a year and a half before I applied and was hired as a flight attendant. I went to training in February and graduated on April 2nd, 2014. So I have been a flight attendant for almost 10 months now!


Andrea (@cardiangirl) asked “Do you start working for an airport or airline?”

I ALWAYS fly for my airline. As soon as I graduated training I flew to Chicago where I was based for the first 8 months of my career. I’m assigned a certain airport I show up to for trips, what we call our “base”, which in my case, was Chicago. So a base is a flight attendants home airport. A base is where we always start and end a trip. So as a flight attendant based out of ORD (Chicago) I had trips that went all over the US, and always came back home to Chicago! Now I’m currently based in DC and I can fly trips that start out of Reagan National, Dulles, and Baltimore!

Rosalyn (@rosalynnelove) asked “What’s it like always traveling (do you find it lonely?)”

Oh traveling. I’m seriously always on the go. I love airplanes, I truly do. Always traveling is so much fun, but sometimes there are those days where you just need home. I live out of my suitcase most of the time. I've gotten extremely good at packing because I end up being gone more than I am home. But even on my extremely long and tiring days where I want nothing more than to be at home, it’s always worth it. Because I've come to find out that people are always worth it. When I still have 2 more flights before my day is finished and I feel extremely lonely or tired, that’s when the cute little old woman walks on with chocolate and cookies for the crew. Or I have a passenger tell me they could never do what I do and they are so thankful. Or I become best friends with the cutest little baby on board. Or I have an 80 year old man tell me that I am his girlfriend. In my lowest moments, I’m always looked after and cared for by my Father. So to answer your question- I do get very lonely at times. But little moments of love always seem to step in my path just when I need them most.


Danny (@theotherdanny) asked “Do you hate the service industry? What’s your favorite airport?”

NO WAY!! I absolutely love the service industry. I wouldn’t have picked a career in it if I didn’t love it. I’m called to serve and love other, and this is the perfect way to do so. I serve others every single day and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I go to a lot of different airports. But I was really impressed with Indianapolis (they have CHICK FIL A!!!!) also it’s super clean and modern. I was blown away. Charlotte, NC will always be my favorite because its home and they have rocking chairs. I mean how can you not love ROCKING CHAIRS.


Megan (@foxriverhendrix) asked “Do you actually have time to see the places you land in? Do you find your immune system is stronger being around so many people and their germs or do you get sick more often?”

Most trips, I have a lot of time to go explore wherever I have layovers. I go on a lot of 3 day trips (we have turns, 2 day trips and 3 day trips) Most of the time when I have long layovers, I try to meet up with friends, a lot of them I have connected with off of instagram! It usually ends up in coffee and chasing sunshine. But this New Year I plan on doing a lot more exploring wherever I end up staying. The first 6 months of my new job were extremely hard because I am always SO tired.

I don’t get sick often at all. This past week was my first time being sick in years. But I have found that my body just gets so worn down. You guys know how it is if you ever fly right? Your flight can be 2 hours long and you come off the plane feeling like you just ran a marathon. I think it has to do with the pressurization affecting the body. There are plenty of days where I fly through every single time zone. So my body gets confused very easily. Drinking water is SO important, and not just because I am a flight attendant. That’s something I am trying to get better at too! 


Kaylin (@hey_it.s_kaylin) asked “How do you deal with rude passengers? Do you work any international flights? What are your favorite places to fly to?”

There’s a line from the movie Madagascar that the penguins say “Smile and wave boys. Smile and wave.”  And I giggle every time I think of it. I will admit, it’s really hard not to take it personal, but when I have a mean passenger I first think to myself, I have no idea where they are coming from. I have no idea what’s happening in their own personal lives, and I just smile and apologize for whatever inconvenience they might have. And of course, I try my very best to tend to helping them fix whatever they might be upset over. People are people. Sometimes we don’t think how we say things or how are actions come off to others. So it’s really good just to take a step back and breathe. People are always surprised at kindness, but anger never fixes anything anyways.

I do fly international! I’ve been to London 3 times and I absolutely LOVED London. Sadly, my new base in DC doesn’t fly international. So I won’t be flying international for a while, but that’s okay! Also-I love flying just about everywhere. There hasn’t been a layover I haven’t loved yet. My top favorites are definitely Seattle, Miami, L.A., Chicago, and San Antonio!

Maureen (@maureencvngh) asked “I read that when you start out as a flight attendant, jobs are given based on seniority and as a new person, you're put on call. Was this the case with you? How common is this?”

Yes! You are absolutely correct. Everything that has to do with my job is all seniority based. I’m pretty sure that’s how it works with every airline. So the longer you have been here, the better it is! I’m on reserve “on call” every other month for 3 years. So that pretty much means, one month I have a schedule and know where I will fly, and the next month I am just on call during any day I am not off.


Mary (@maryelizabethmyrick) asked “What do you do when you're not flying (is it a full time or part time job)?”

When I’m not flying I’m either adventuring around home taking pictures or adventuring around wherever I might be. I also adore the office so 9 times out of 10 I'm probably watching that I love simple things like cooking breakfast and enjoying the mornings. I also love trying new coffee shops and meeting new people. I’m finally settled in to my new place in Virginia, so I’m really excited to get plugged into the community around here as well. I’ve had a really hard time balancing work and being creative. I’ve been in a funk for a while now but I’m finally starting to break through.