my piece is in a magazine

“I don’t know how to love with half of my heart; just the whole thing.” -an excerpt from a piece titled 2,320 miles featured in the first issue of Mouthwash.


Some of my best friends just started pre-orders for their magazine where my writing is featured in it along with a lot of amazing work from other creatives. I’m sharing my heart that shines light onto heaviness, unhealthy relationships, & an unhealthy want for love. A few years ago I was in a relationship that took a lot away from me. I lost my voice & I temporarily lost my faith. I spent a lot of time yelling at God. I felt really trapped in another human being.


Ever since that season of my life, I’ve really worked hard and fought hard for myself. To stand back up again. To get my voice back. And I have. I’m not fully there yet and there’s still a lot I have to work through, but I really feel like I had to stick up for the girl I was 3 years ago who didn’t use her voice. And that’s what this piece is. It’s brave. It also features photos Mackenzie Freemire took of me (florals by Tara Avers) for my piece that convey exactly what I wanted them to: feeling trapped but growing no matter the circumstance.


If you want to read my whole piece & see more you can preorder here. 🌿 xoxo

gettin' yoself outta that winter FUNK

Hi. It’s me. I’m here to talk to y’all about seasonal depression. It is a very real thing in my world. Dealing with heaviness and mental issues has been a ongoing journey for awhile now. One that somedays is a piece of cake and other days is so overwhelming only Jesus knows. It’s a fight. It’s a battle. But it’s one I’m okay figuring out. I’m in the best hands and that gives me courage on my worst days. So I wanted to take some time to share things that I have been doing/ practicing to help me get my booty out of bed (even if I have to drag myself out of it). Your bed doesn’t have to control you. I promise.


Rearrange the space you spend the most time in. Change is good. Especially if you associate your room as your safe space. I spend so much time in my room and this week I completely changed it and I immediately felt how good it was to have it different. Any time I experience pain, I run to my room. So having a totally different vibe immediately lifted the spirits within the 4 walls. 

Do something kind for yourself that you wouldn’t normally do. For me it’s getting my nails done (sometimes even in my sweat pants and a hoodie). Doing something out of my normal routine has been so good for me to say “hey there is more than what I am used to.” Also bright yellow nails are ALWAYS a good idea. 

Buy a plant. Life is GOOD. Surround yourself with as much life as possible. Getting dressed to pick out a new little green friend was so good for me. I obviously wanted to get a dog but it wasn't in the budget. 


Go visit one of your favorite coffee shops. Even if you have nothing to do for work on your laptop and you don't feel like reading a book because of sadness, SERIOUSLY just go to watch Netflix. It's amazing what a change in your environment can do for you. 

△ Go to bed earlier so you can wake up earlier. I love to go to bed at 2 AM so I can wake up at 12 PM. I'll sleep when I'm dead used to be my hipster mantra. But I've been going to bed at grandma hours and it has been so good for my little brain. I feel like a normal person and sadness can't creep into me being tired all day anymore. 

I also wanted to incorporate some of the questions other's asked me over Instagram. 

How do you force yourself to self-motivate on your days off from work?

Sometimes no matter how hard I fight and push, I can not find the motivation for the life of me. So I spend days drowning until I just can't take it anymore. What really has helped me is having accountability. I have a really amazing group of friends who know when to check in on me and how to push me and how to encourage me to take care of myself. The motivation I find is always from someone telling me it's going to be okay. Knowing I'm going to be okay and to hear it from someone who loves me always, always pulls me out. Spending time with Jesus too and holding close to his promises is so comforting as well. Sometimes there are days where nothing any one can say or where there is nothing anyone can do to help. But reading truth and stepping out in faith even when I would rather not always pulls me out. 

△  I don't know if you have experience with anxiety but would love to hear more about that if so. It's something I have been struggling with for quite some time and feel like it's something people in the church don't want to talk about. 

I've spent a long time dealing with anxiety, and I still have my moments. I kind of had a coming to terms with myself moment where I had to ask myself: is my anxiety me or is my anxiety actually anxiety? About 9 out of 10 times it was me. I realized I was a control freak and was trying to control and hide behind so much brokenness in my life. I would do anything to control every detail of just about anything. So I stopped hiding behind it. I started to hold things lightly and not try to control people or circumstances. It has been so freeing. I got off my anxiety meds because they were making me so numb. I pushed and I fought for my self. I really pushed as hard as I could to not care about trying to control things so much. It hurt. It was extremely freaking hard. All of this to say, anxiety is a REAL thing. I have panic attacks still because sometimes life happens even when I am not trying to control things. I just had to look at myself and really dig to the bottom of it. Had to figure out where it stemmed from and go from there. I'd encourage you to do the same. Ask those hard questions. See if there is anything you could get let go of to make it better. In regards to people at church- you should ALWAYS feel safe talking to leaders at church. Always. But I know that since you probably struggle with anxiety you are probably anxious to even talk about anxiety (oh the joys of having simple conversations). So I get it. But so many people struggle with it and church should be the safest place to open up about it. 

△ What do you do when you can logically understand why you are okay but still have the hardest time getting out of bed/ not snoozing through your alarm a thousand times? 

LOL. I laugh at this because I can spend an hour giving myself a pep-talk and feel like a total bad ass ready to conquer the world and then 2 minutes later idk what the crap happens and I am immediately back into my dark hole of sadness. I'm okay and then I am not okay. I wake up fine and then all of the sudden I am not fine. I set my alarm because I am going to go on a walk at 7 AM but then I hit snooze and next thing you know it's 12 PM. The struggle. I guess what I have been doing is just being honest with myself. I'm truly at the point where I know I am going to be okay. Every fiber of my being knows it. But sometimes I am physically not okay. So I'm just honest with where I'm at. If I can't get out of bed, I can't get out of bed. I stopped putting pressure on myself and I started listening to what my body needed. That has made all the difference. 

△  How do you be fully vulnerable with the Lord in a season that you really want to pretend you are not in? 

I think I got lucky and found the freedom really early on in being vulnerable and sharing where I'm at even if I really didn't want to be there. I have been in so many icky season that I wish I was not in. But the freedom I found in sharing my honesty has helped so many others and it also creates the room for others to help me too. If people don't know, how will they ever see the beauty in the broken? It's there. We just have to have the courage to share so others can say me too. 

I hope that this has helped y'all. I'm not an expert. I wish I was because I would be a super hero and would never be sad. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THAT DAY!!! But for right now, that's just not my reality. Seasonal depression has been really high for me this winter. These little practices may be obvious and others who don't get it may not understand, but when you are in the midst of sadness, going to a coffee shop makes zero sense. Putting your pants on makes zero sense. For a long time that's where I was. In and out, up and down. Fighting for yourself is worth it. These little tips I gave you have honestly gave me so much hope and have given me a reason to tell my sadness no. Have something to look forward to. Have people fighting for you. Wear your sweat pants. Just promise me to fight for yourself. You are loved. You are never ever alone. Let’s kick these winter blues in the BUTT. 

(P.S. Here is one of my favorite podcasts talking about mental health if you need something to get you through


Lagos 2017

I love Portugal. I love Portugal. I love Portugal. 

Seriously. There is something about it and I wish I had all the right words and rambles to explain to y'all why I love it so dang much but I couldn't even if I tried. It's my Neverland and I feel so connected to life when I'm over here. I was here last August and it stole my heart. Now I'm back on my first ever solo trip and it is even better the second time. Sharing some new favorites of mine. Enjoy! And get out to Portugal as soon as you can. You can thank me later. 

WHERE I STAYED: Camone Hostel


Lagos is filled with tons of normal European "chain" cafes. They are all over. SO finding a cute, cozy, authentic and not touristy spot to eat was somewhat of a challenge. So here are a few of my favorites that I had to really search for to find.

Goldig Cafe. Vegan cafe. Cute as all get out. Only a few outside seats. Coffee cups as big as your face. Organic fruit and local products used in making all their goods. Their homemade bread is to die for. For real. Really good for breakfast/brunch. 

Bora Cafe. The best for a pick me up juice or light and fresh snack. 

The Garden. By far my favorite little spot to go grab a pitcher of sangria at and to sit and enjoy everyone. It also really really helps that it is the cutest and hip little bar/ restaurant probably ever. It is so dang cute. Make sure you make a reservation though if you have a few people. If not you will have to sit in the back area that they call the "chill" corner, which I liked better than having a table. They have a fish of the day special and it was so dang good. I love this spot. 


Praia Da Piedade. 

Praia Da Piedade.

My favorite view in all of Lagos. It's not exactly a beach you go have a picnic on and layout at, but more of a thousand stairs you hike down for the view that speaks for itself along the way. It is to DIE for. I like to call it the Goonie Beach because it reminds of where the Goonies were filmed! If you are going during the summer months, I highly recommend waking up early and seeing it before all of the tourist roll in. So make sure you are out there before 10 AM.  Here are different views from all angles around the stairs down to the bottom.

Praia do Camilo. 

My favorite beach to go layout on and dance away the day in the sun. It gets extremely crowded so make sure you go early. There are two sides to the beach that are connected by a tunnel so if one side is crowded, make sure you go check out the other!

It's the best beach for all you sea glass hunters out there while staying in Lagos. I checked the tide chart for Lagos and went on an early morning hike out there during low tide and collected a whole bunch of sea glass. Made me the happiest ever. And there are SO many more rocks and things to climb upon, the beach seriously gets 3 times bigger. It was beautiful at sunrise. 

Lagos has my heart. I am beyond thankful that I got to go back just a year later. I think I am going to make this an every year trip and you should too ;)

-xx, a travelin' lady

kicking anxiety in the BUTT.

Anxiety. Even me typing it makes my eyes do a little rollin'. But today I wanted to share something really important in my world. It's from my heart and I don't have all the right answers and anxiety is a beast, but this is a little piece of what I have been going through and I know it can help some of you wonderful humans. I decided it was time to try to kick my anxiety in the BOOTAY (or at least attempt too) and this is where I am with it.

I want you to know that I am 100% a firm believer in mental health being a real thing. It's a huge, real battle that more people need to strive for and figure out. Anti-depressants/ SSRI meds are a part of that journey for a lot of sweet humans and that is beyond okay. Back in September of 2016, I decided my battle of feeling like I couldn't breathe without stressing or having a panic attack was way too out of control. So, I turned to Zoloft for help. It DID help so much with my anxiety for awhile, but as the months passed by, I started to realize that even though my anxiety was gone; my soul was kind of getting sucked along with it. I felt so out of touch with who I was and became so numb to so many things in my world. It wasn't until a few months ago I started to pick up on it. I came to a point where I had to step back and say "What does my body NEED? What is best for ME? Where does my anxiety stem from?" I surely and slowly started to figure it out.

I decided to take a HUGE jump on my own. A few weeks ago I cold turkey got off of my SSRI anxiety meds that I had been on for 6 months. I know I am crazy and I know it wasn't the smartest idea and everyone told me no; but I had to do it. P.s. please always talk to your doctor first. Don't do what I did, but I just REALLY felt called to it and jumped. I haven't been on my meds in weeks and getting off them was the absolute WORST thing ever imaginable (the withdraw symptoms were my worst nightmare). But I'm here and alive and the Zoloft is out of my body. I am starting to feel again and things are starting to make more sense to me. It's amazing. It really truly is and this was 100% the best choice I could have made for myself. 

So...what the poop am I doing with myself now? Well-- most days I never know the answer, but I am slowly starting to unravel this nasty thing that is called anxiety. Where it stems from, how I cause my own anxiety issues, and that Jesus is moving through it all. It is beautiful. I'll get more to that whenever I write my book...that's not for this blog post and I am still just starting to unravel it and walk though it.

But to help you beautiful people who keep up with me and want to know how I am doing it and dealing with it now or if you feel like you are anxious and it's becoming something a little bit too much to handle; I'm here to share a few practices I have put into my life. It's an every day journey and I still have no idea what I am doing but Jesus & I are unraveling it every day and that is okay. 

The first and biggest thing I have started to incorporate into my world is Young Living Essential Oils. It's a new, HUGE trend that is growing like crazy (even though the art has been around for forever), but it has been amazing for me. Everyone uses them for so many different reasons, but I have been really pushing them in my day to day to help calm and heal my anxiety. You can use them by diffusing them, putting them in your water and food, cleaning with them, or even putting them into the palm of your hand and breathing them in to wake up some of the chemicals in your brain to start working. It has actually done wonders for me y'all. Young Living's oil blend called Stress Away that I swear by. I promise you. I put it in my diffuser in the morning to get me going and I put it in my diffuser at night to calm me after an anxious day. I place it on my wrists and on my throat before doing service while being a flight attendant to calm me and get me ready to go. It would probably be the perfect weapon for all you nervous fliers out there! I even put Lavender on the soles of my feet before going to sleep to calm my body.

The oils are my absolute favorite, and YES, it actually does work for me. I feel a difference and it has become something I am so excited to grow in. I love chasing healthiness and anything that brings wellness to my world. I'll have more blog posts later with all of my uses and recipes and things like that, but for now, I wanted to leave you with where I am at and something that has extremely helped me with my walk of fighting the dang thing. 

The way I started (and the best way to start playing with oils to see if they are right for you) is by purchasing the starter kit from Young Living. Yes it is pricy which is intimidating jumping into something that is new. Is it worth it? 100% yes, no questions asked. You will use it all of the time, I know I do. Wether it is by diffusing, ingesting, cleaning, cooking, putting it in your bath, on your skin, or even in your hair; you will use it. 

 This is the diffuser I use that came with the Young Living Starter Kit!

This is the diffuser I use that came with the Young Living Starter Kit!

It has helped me incredibly with my anxiety and oils have so many more benefits than that. If you want to get started; you can click on this link and sign up as a member to get all the discounts and special promotions and deals & start shoppin' away. I would for sure start with the premium starter kit and go from there. You can click here to get started and find out more:

I'll already be set up as your sponsor when you use that link. You want to have "member" clicked because that's how you get all the deals and member prices and discounts (the other box "retail customer" doesn't get that advantage!!!). And no-- being a member is 100% free and no extra charges or things like that. After that you just pick the starter kit you want (i'd go with the premium starter kit because that's what I started with) and go from there! P.s. you do NOT have to set up a monthly order (step 2). By all means, go ahead and do it if you want to have an order set up for the next month. But my advice is to just get a starter kit, play around and see what works for you, do some research on oils, and then come back and put another order in! Email me if you have any questions because I for real want to help you figure it all out! 

Another natural remedy I started incorporating was taking this natural herb in pill form: Abhwagandha. It is incredible. It takes like farts though. Worse than farts honestly. I'm not even lying either. It is horrible, but it incredible and it is an amazing natural herb that others have been using since ancient times. Do your research because it's honestly incredible. It has so many health benefits but the biggest one for me being that it helps with anxiety, stress, and fatigue. You can get it in powder form too and incorporate it into your smoothies which is how I've seen a lot of wellness bloggers do it. I picked mine up at the local health foods store but you can order it online or use it however you want to. 

Lastly-- I started working on my breathing. I know, super weird and not the most practical thing but it has been so good for my soul. There is this app called calm that you can get in the app store for free and it gives you daily breathing exercises. I do it all the time on the train going to work or coming home and it has been incredible. Stopping and reentering my mind and my body and taking control by just breathing really does wake something up inside of me. I love it. 

If you have ANY questions, please please please shoot me a message. You can send me an email by clicking on my 'contact' page in the upper right hand link of my blog and we can talk from there. I am so excited to be taking care of me by the art of essential oils, natural herbs, and just going back to the basics. A healthy self is the best self. I'm learning it. And learning sometimes means failing. But I'm going to continue to pick myself up and keep on growing and running towards it.

Look into essential oils. Talk to your doctor. Talk to the people in your life. Figure out what your body needs and what harm you are causing it. A lot of my anxiety was my own fault, and if you take the time to take care of yourself, your mind will display that too. I'm new to the journey but all of these things listed really have been a help for me so far. If you have any helpful hints too please comment them in the comments or email me so I can add them in to the blog. Were all in this together! 

Stay encouraged and do what is best for you and your body. Listen to it. P.s. if you struggle with anxiety you are NEVER alone. Ever. All of the love.

norman leigh △

Earlier in June, my sweet friends over at Norman Leigh made me a GORGEOUS reclaimed wood triangle mirror. Mirror of my dreams y'all, for real. To be specific it was one of their XL reclaimed Doug Fir wooden mirrors. 

We did a giveaway that went SO well-- but Norman Leigh wanted to give y'all a chance to still steal a deal with them. You can use the code "taylor" at checkout to receive 10% off any order all summer long! I love Norman Leigh because I love small shops, but they are Chicago based too so it makes it a million times better for me. I love my city and I love the people in it following their passions and dreams. Make sure to check out their website for amazing mirrors, benches, plant hangers, plant holders, and all of the other reclaimed wood pieces of your dreams! 

the switch to clean beauty

Hi wonderful humans! I am seriously SO beyond excited about this blog post. Can not even being to explain to you. I'm a huge advocate for healthiness in the heart, but I realized I was not really incorporating it into every area of my life. The products I used were a HUGE part of that. Especially the every day ones I didn't think much about like makeup, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo + conditioner, lotion, makeup remover, etc etc.

Did you know that your face absorbs EVERYTHING you put onto it?! Nuts. I didn't give it much thought and you could for sure have me at a $5 dollar tube of matte lipstick bought on one of those "I only went to Target for one thing" kind of shopping days. Guilty. It is so easy to be that lady. The drug store section of makeup goods and glitter is my go to way of cheating my tomboy heart. And Sephora is overly welcoming and it is so hard not to say yes to samples of everything and get a full on makeover because having people pay attention to you is the best thing EVER. We all know it. We all think it. But do you know what is even cooler? Self-love and self-care. Taking care of ourselves FIRST and actually thinking about what we are putting into and onto our bodies. 

We feel guilty when we eat McDonalds and Taco Bell but we don't feel bad when we spend $30 on a tube of lipstick that we have no idea what is filled & made with.  Y'all for real; our skin is like a vacuum. It takes in everything it comes into contact with. I finally realized it by posting some random Instagram story asking for advice about switching to all natural makeup. I was just considering it, and was honestly not looking' to hawt in the bank account department but I was feeling really convicted so I just wanted to do some window shopping you know?

So a sweet follower of mine encouraged me to switch and also told me to check out this app called Think Dirty. She said don't get it unless I wanted to be shocked and get into trouble and I was like..what could be so bad?!! Uh...she wasn't kidding. All the poop coconut shampoo's and make up I had been using that I thought were healthy were NOT. I was totally in shock and could not believe some of the chemicals my products were filled with! My bank account didn't even matter at that point I just started throwing out everything. 



Moisturizer & Lotion:

Deodorant & Shaving:

Shampoo + Conditioner: 

You can just see from my results of things that were advertised as "natural" were actually extremely not natural and were horrible for my body, skin, and hygiene. I don't even need to do much explaining, you can just see for yourself how I was super discouraged in the products I was using and trusting in. 


I started by asking around on Instagram & doing some research to see what products would fit my lifestyle and skin best and started making a list of my favorites. My sweet friend of mine back home from NC, Sammie, who is the most AMAZING natural/ green beauty blogger gave me the best advice and was a huge help. If you want to see all of her faves you can go to her website and see them all!

So after trial and error of some of natural/ green/ vegan products, this is now what I have in my bathroom and make up bag! I love what they have done to my skin. And YES-- I 100% can feel and see a difference. I seriously get compliments about how I look like I'm glowing and my face feels so much lighter and healthy. It has been the most freeing thing.


Most of the products I am going to be posting about are the ones I am wearing in this photo, just so you can have it for reference! I'll start with the eyes ;) 

  • Mascara: Lily Lolo Vegan Mascara $19.50. Seriously I have been using it for over 2 months and swear by it. Normally my mascara is heavy and will chunk together and is a pain in the booty to get removed off of my face without removing all of my eyelashes in the process. This one goes on so nice and smells so good too and I barely can remember I have mascara on. MY FAVORITE FOREVER. I don't even need to try any other mascaras. 
  • Brows: EcoBrow Defining Wax $26 and Glossier Boy Brow $16. I've been using Glossier's boy brow for awhile now but have been kind of hesitant with Glossier because I'm not 100% sure of how good it actually is for your skin. I know it is better than most products out there and I LOVE that the boy brow doesn't make me look like I painted these ape eyebrows onto my face (sorry y'all it is such a pet peeve to me!!!) It has worked really well and goes with my with my style. I also have been using EcoBrow and LOVE it! I had to buy a separate brush to be able to put it on but it stays on and is so light and is not too much at all. I'm wearing it in the selfie I posted with this blog so you can get a better feel for it! 
  • Eye Shadow: SWIFT SHADOWS by rms $20. I'm not really a big eye shadow user because I really prefer the dainty, natural look for my everyday, but a girl has to have some fun shadows for events and when she is feeling a lil adventurous. I use rms and LOVE rms. They have so many different shades in their swift shadows. Goes on light and not too heavy and stays on for a really long time! Also pictured on the top right is the Master Mixer by rms. I put it on my lids and it gives it this beautiful rose gold tone. I like it because it's more of matte kind of eyeshadow so it's not so dry when you put it on.
  • Illuminator: Champagne Rose Luminizer by rms $38. I wasn't really a big illuminator user until recently because I didn't quite understand the purpose of it. I use it in the corners of my eyes, onto of my lips, and to highlight my cheek bones. It's actually one of my favorite makeup pieces because it really gives you that natural-glow look. 
  • Blush: Lily Lolo Coralista Cheek Duo $24. I am 100% a coral and peach kind of lady when it comes it blush. I want something that will go on easy and not make me light and airy. I feel like coral does that for my skin, even more so when I am tan in the summer. This set up from Lily Lolo is amazing too because it has two options for the kind of look you want to go for with your blush for the day!

Lips: Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner with SPF (in Bombora) $26 and Kari Gran Lip Whip $16. In the photo I posted of myself I am wearing the Ilia in Bombora and have been wearing that pretty much every day since I received it. It is super comfy and makes all my outfits come together. I really, really love Kari Gran's lip whip too. It's a lot more subtle but it taste so yummy and is a good option if you don't like too much color on your lips! 

Daily Skincare Routine

Daytime. Putting all the fun makeup to the side for a minute, I truly believe that the most important part about your skin is the oils and daily creams you are using to moisturize your skin. Making the switch has been amazing for me and I think that the area that I have seen the best results in, is in the area of switching my moisturizers. These three guys pictured above have worked amazingly for me. I have only been using the middle one for a few weeks now but the results have been unreal. 

Nighttime. What you put on before you go to bed really has a huge affect on what your skin will look like in the daytime too. I know for sure I wasn't really paying much attention to what I was doing before I went to sleep because it didn't feel like it mattered in a sense. When you are sleeping, your skin gets to take in all of the nutrients and gets to sit on what you put onto your skin. So you better make it count! With trial and error I really figured out what works for me. And the best part is-- is that my night time routine is all from a local Chicago company called Scratch Goods! 

  • Cleansing Oil $14. I use this to take off my make up. I just rub a little bit in the palm of my hand, rub upward and use a warm wash cloth to remove all of my make up before I put my mask on or oils on.
  • Night Face Oil $28. I love their Night Oil and seriously put it on every night before I get into bed. It can also be used as a daytime moisturizer if you wanted to! I was doing that for awhile before I found my moisturizer I am using now. They only call it Nighttime because it is a little bit heavier than their daytime oil.
  • Lash + Brow Oil $18. I put a little bit of this on my brows, lashes, and lids and it has been doing wonders to my hair growth and how soft my skin is getting! 

Other goodies have been incorporated into my everyday and they have been AMAZING as well! 

  • dōTERRA Touch: On Guard $28 and Lavender $18. On Guard is a protective blend that helps fight away sickness and seasonal threats and also has a super uplifting aroma that I find addicting. I put it on my wrists and near my nose when I am working on the plane to keep me protected from germs and any sickness that could be floating around. I also use the Lavendar roll on before I go to bed to calm my spirit and get me relaxed so I am able to go to bed peacefully. I roll it on my throat and on the bottoms of my feet and just absolutely swear by it.
  • Biotin 10,000. I just picked this up at the local drug store. I was so tired of my hair not really growing and ever since I have been taking this daily my hair has actually been growing. I've also seen my nails become super strong as well. 
  • dōTERRA Root To Tip Serum $46. Ever since using this product and not washing my hair as much, it has become smooth, shiny, and smells like the best smelling smells I could ever dream of.
  • True Botanicals Body Lotion in Fresh (Travel Size) $14 or you can get a full bottle for $42. All you need to do is smell it and then start paying attention to how soft your body gets. But Mostly the smell. That's all. You will thank me later. 
  • Toothpaste: Dr Bronner's Peppermint Toothpaste
  • The Seaweed Bath Co. Eucalyptus & Peppermint Balancing Aragon Shampoo + Conditioner $13.
  • Natural Deodorant: It has been a process to figure what actually works for me. I am on my third brand now and will be letting y'all know what I end up using. It is one heck of an adventure that's for sure.

I know that this is a huge blog post, but this has been the journey I have been on for the past couple of months. I could not be any happier with the changes I have made and I actually can see the results everyday It's not just a mental thing as much as it is a physical thing. I feel healthier, look healthier and actually GLOW. My skin is light and airy and can actually breathe. If there is any questions I can answer, please feel free to reach out to me via Instagram or on the contact page on my blog!

P.s. I know some of you know I work with brands and get things for free. I wanted to clarify that a lot of these products I bought on my own time and with my own money. Some of them I did get for free, yes, but I actually believe in them and support them. I wouldn't be telling others about them if I didn't. 

Wanted to leave you beauties with aa discount code from where a lot of my products came from over at Joy Provisons. When checking out just use the code 'TAY20' at check out to get 20% off your orders! xx


Magic Gardens in Philly

MAGIC GARDENS FILLED UP ALL THE WHIMSY IN MY HEART. Goodness. I don't have much to say about the Magic Gardens because it really is something you need to go experience it on your own. It's the biggest mosaic piece created by Isaiah Zagar (who I actually met while I was visiting!) He stops in here and there and I just got really lucky. Tickets are $10 and I spent a few hours wondering around and it was so worth it. Make sure you order your tickets in advance during the busier months because you miss the lines and avoid it getting sold out! Here are some of my favorites from my adventure in the gardens.

P.s. it WAS magic. 



Oh Amsterdam. So many heart eyes and so much love for this magical city. I only had 25 hours there but I did not want to leave and I can not wait to go back. Going to share a few of my favorites through this blog and some of the most popular recommendations I got (even if I couldn't go check them out myself). 



Beware of the bikes-- not even kidding with y'all. I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes at least 5 times. And I wasn't even there for a full day! They do not kid with their biking. It is honestly incredible but you for sure have to be on the lookout for the bikers. They have the right away and they fly by so just be on guard! Also I didn't get to rent one because of how short my layover was but EVERYONE recommends it. It's kind of the only way to get around. 



Hubba HUB. I seriously found my most favorite shop to date in Amsterdam. These pictures above prove it too. I am a plant freak and the shop called Wildernis did not prove me wrong. If you don't care too much for plant babies than it probably won't be your store but it was incredible. I wanted to take a million photos. Was like walking into the most beautiful dream! 

Other shops not pictured: The Darling, All The Luck In The World, Gathershop, Friday Next, KOLIFLEUR. 



We ate at the breakfast club and it was so cute I thought I might pee my pants. Literally. The set up was so much and everyone was sweet and hip. I loved it. And it helps that I demolished these special Pancakes in like .5 seconds. No exaggeration. 

Others not pictured: CT coffee & coconuts (EVERYONE recommended), Cotton cake (cafe), MOOK Pancakes (tried to go but line was crazy. Get there early!), Bocca Coffee, Bakers & Roasters, Back to Black, Lavinia Good Food. 

I also took a sneaky photo at the bench where a scene from Fault In Our Stars was shot. It's the one pictured above and it makes me so happy. I wish I had more spots to share but I was beyond jet lagged and was running around on a layover for work; but until Next time Amsterdam! 

dining room makeover

I am so excited to reveal photos from my new and improved dining room getup. I hosted a special giveaway with Walker Edison Furniture, Rugs Usa, and Maewoven. It's been the biggest one I have done yet and it couldn't have gone any better!

Here are some photos from my new set up! 

My table is what table dreams are MADE OF. I picked out the Mid-Century Wood Dining Table from Walker Edison and paired it with four Cafe Chairs in Bronze. It was beyond easy to put together and has been such a statement piece bringing the house together. 

I AM SERIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH MY RUG FROM RUGS USA. I laid on it for hours whenever I first got it and still can not stop staring at it. I decided to go with the Aragon Flourishing Forest in Desert, you can find it here. Seriously, it is pretty affordable for the size and quality and could not be more happy with it. 

Next up is the living room and I can not wait to show you more! xx

interior define

Y'ALL! You know how much I love my city and how much I love working side by side with brands. I am so pumped to share a little sneak peak at the start of something really wonderful.

I recently got connected with Interior Define, a Chicago based custom furniture company. I love everything they stand for and LOVE that it's all custom so I get exactly what I want. I went into their store front and office space and got to document my whole experience of configuring my own custom sofa (the video above)! So pumped to get it here in the next few weeks. Check out my video and crazy hair and be on the lookout for a fun blog post coming soon! 

Cozumel with Carnival


Cozumel was stop number five on the Carnival Glory and the last place we got to explore before heading back over to Miami. Cozumel was by far my favorite stop. I wish we had more time to get into some more trouble around the city. The locals were so kind and so helpful and there was so much to do and see.

We decided we wanted to have a really adventurous day and say yes to the best & most random tours we could find. So we headed up the main road and shopped and talked to random booths of tours that were all over. We found the sweetest older man who offered us a really good deal on a boat ride out to a really amazing spot to scuba dive. It was honestly so amazing and so unplanned and it made the adventure 100 times better than we could have ever planned.

The boat driver drove us out to a private area and we scuba dived our tails off! The water was so clear and our group was so much fun. Could have not asked for a better last day.

We ended the day walking around chasing iguanas and admiring all of Cozumel's beautiful handmade art and treats. The last day was the best day. I love the adventures that happen on a whim when we just say yes.

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Mahogany Bay with Carnival

Day three was AMAZING. We headed to spend the day on Carnival's unique port in Mahogany Bay

There were a lot of the cutest little shops to walk in and out of to get gifts and we just spent the day catching up on relaxation and pina colada. Make sure you pick up a bag of Honduras coffee when you are there. Honestly, it has been some of the best coffee I have ever had!

I even got my hair braided and it was SO worth it. I wish I could have kept it in the entire time. There was so much to do around the island, we just decided to take the day and catch up on some rest. Couldn't have had a better third day!

This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind. Head on over.

le coeur watches

Had the absolute privilege to shoot and hang with the wonderful Amy Mokris of Le Coeur Watches. Amy is the absolute sweetest and has the most incredible watch brand here in my home city of Chicago. Here are some of the images that Amy took and a little Q&A i did for the blog! 


Le Coeur: Introduce yourself! Who are you and what do you do?

Taylor: Hi y’all! I’m Taylor Tippett. I’m based in the babe of a city named Chicago. I adventure all over the world as a flight attendant. I decided to become a flight attendant in 2014 because I adore the heck out of people and I wanted to have a job that allows me freedom to do that in a really cool, different kind of way. I also am a really big aviation geek and love everything that has to do with airplanes. And HELLO traveling the world for free? YES. 

LC: What or who most inspires your work?

Taylor: The places I go and the people I meet/get to love on inspire me to the max. People’s stories are the coolest and most inspiring way for me to learn and grow as a human. Hearing where they have been, what they have seen, and being able to get to know them on such a real and deep level has opened my heart up and eyes up to see the beauty all around me. To love better and more freely. And that really inspires my work and the heart behind everything I do. Intentionality is so important. 

LC: How do you spend your free time, and what does time mean to you?

Taylor: My free time is usually spent involved in the things I am passionate about. Hanging with my people, adventuring, writing, reading, and getting myself involved in any activities that bring out my 5 year old heart (climbing, dancing, and all the whimsy things) are where I find myself. I hold my free time so precious because it’s really hard being gone a lot to actually have intentional free time. Time is such a valuable thing to me.

LC: How would you describe your style?

Taylor: My style is very laid back, tomboy, adventurous, and simple. I usually throw on a pair of my Levis with a plain shirt a cool hat and my boots and I am set. It doesn’t take much for me to really feel like me. I am always getting into some kind of a ruckus so I wear clothes that work for everything. I also really believe in quality over quantity so that really comes into play with the brands I support and how that affects my style and what I wear.

LC: What are some of your hobbies? What are some things you do that feel completely separate from your work?

Taylor: Eating tacos. A lot of tacos. Dancing all of the time and anywhere that I can. Writing for my blog "A Travelin’ Lady". Being healthy. Rock climbing. Obsessing over Justin Bieber. But for real. I love trying new things and I feel like I get so passionate about so much. I love loving and getting pumped about the things the people in my life are pumped about so I feel like I just have so many random hobbies and interests. 

LC: Since you're also from Chicago, what are your favorite spots in the city?

Taylor: Reno. Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits. Ipsento. Lincoln Park Conservatory. US #1 Vintage. The Logan Square Farmer’s market. I have so many favorites the list could go on and on. Chicago is seriously the coolest city. 100%.

LC: What is your favorite Le Coeur timepiece and why?

Taylor: My favorite Le Coeur timepiece is the Beijing. It fits with anything I could pull out of the closet and it works so well with my work uniform. It’s minimal and such an amazing piece that really helps all my outfits and looks come together. It is so important to have a solid watch, I really really stand behind that.

Parative flag & my new room!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS Y'ALL! Here's a little story behind making one of my projects come to life. The why, who, and how we all did it and a little sneak peak of my new room! You can shop and get one of the flags for your home here: there is a big flag and a smaller one


This holiday season I teamed up with some really amazing people to bring one of my words from the window seat to life. Words from the window seat started back in September of 2014. One early morning flight I felt inspired to leave a note of encouragement in the seat back pocket for another passenger to find. It read "be kind to yourself." That was my first words from the window seat and this idea sparked to start a really cool, inspiring photo series. I decided to turn it into a project and share my heart and my notes on my blog & Instagram. Ever since then, I've been doing them and leaving them constantly when I feel like I have something on my heart I want someone else to hear. So, I wanted to make one of my favorites I've done come to life for all of the people who have been following me/ supporting me/ and encouraging me, to have something in their home to encourage them as well. 

My awesome friend Drew who started Parative reached out and had the idea to create one of my pieces into an AMAZING flag. I was so pumped. We brought on board Laura Supnik who is an illustrator based out of NYC and she came up with the amazing design. I'm beyond excited with how it turned out. Not only is it supporting all of our passions, but Parative partners with 2 manufacturers that employ women out of the red light districts in India. Parative has a vision to create more safe employment opportunities in India, grow the women's skillset, and to inspire people everywhere to "Dream to Do." I couldn't be more happy to create such an awesome opportunity for so many people thanks to Parative.

Here are some of my favorite images taken from my sweet home in Logan Square chicago of the big flag. Wes Taylor took all of the portraits and they make me happy. We did a shoot for Parachute Home and it ROCKED.

P.s. They sold out in basically 2 days. TWO DAYS. Jesus is so cool. Can't wait for round 2. Keep your eyes opened for more projects coming with Parative!

San Diego

One of my sweetest best friends has a place out in San Diego, California so we decided to take a best friends trip out there. Riley & Chris are some of my closest friends so this trip was nothing short of amazing. We all had such a ball. I've kind of been in a funk working through some hard things in my life and it was incredible to escape the city and my every day life to go run around and get kissed by the Cali sun. Here are some fun adventures we went on and some amazing pictures from my self and my sweet old/ new friends. People make the places you go. I will say it a thousand times over and over again.

I flew in and met Chris & Riley late at night so of course we went and got In & Out. We then got the tour of Chris's little beach town, Encinitas. It was ADORABLE. We ended off star gazing at Swami's which was the best star gazing I have seen yet. Shooting stars flying around everywhere. Was so beyond gorgeous. 

Our first full day there Chris showed us all of his favorite spots. He took us to the meditation garden in town. It was so peaceful and the views there were perfect. You can just sit back and watch the surfers from the top of the cliff.

These are some of the pictures from our walk around the meditation garden. So peaceful right?! From there we went and spent some time climbing all over the rocks at Torrey Pines.

After that we headed to see the seals (yes I said seals) and watch the sunset at La Jolla with some new friends! La Jolla was so amazing. We had such a blast and also had the best mojito at Jose's. Oh PLEASE go have one for me if you ever end up in La Jolla. 

But for real they have seals all over the beaches and rocks! Just swimming around and sun bathing every where. People were snorkeling and swimming with them too! It was the coolest thing. They were so cute. 

We then met up with our new friend Erick to catch sunset. Please go check out his work he is so talented! The sunset was beautiful and I am so thankful for the new friends we met. 

Day 2 we went to Victoria Beach to see the castle that is out on the water. I think the pictures speak for themselves. The weather was so dreary and it contributed to how moody and vibey all of our pictures turned out. 

Our sweet new friend Erick too these. So incredible right?! Here are the rest from our castle adventure! 

My time in San Diego was so sweet. A sweet friend & I talked on this trip about how sometimes we're given things in pieces; one at a time, day by day. We can only see bits and pieces of our healing, so when we start working through ugly things, we don't get to see the full picture. We get to see chunks. And that's okay. Because could you imagine getting a reality check of EVERYTHING you needed to fix in your life whenever your heart is already overwhelmed? Hello. Train wreck. I've been heart broken with some things/ situations in my life and have felt so overwhelmed recently. But I've felt so comforted to know that God gives me chunks of my healing whenever I am ready for them. So instead of beating myself up for thinking I need to be somewhere that I'm not, I'm rejoicing that I get to take it all in day by day. I took this weekend to simply breathe and to live free and meet some of the sweetest souls. The Cali sun and San Diego hugs from strangers who are now friends were so dear to my heart. I am just tickled by the beauty in my life amidst such heart ache. Joy is our weapon. No matter what we are walking through. Until next time San Diego.

P.s. check out all my friend's work I was having fun with this trip.

Chris Hershman: photo/ video

Erick Frost: photo

Riley Phillips: photo

Tyson Motsenbocker: musician (go listen to his music because it is AMAZING)


After 4 days running around in Lagos, we headed back to Lisbon for 4 more days of exploring. Back story of this trip is kind of fun. My traveling buddy Bryce & I were actually going to spend our vacation in Rome & Santorini, but due to troubles with life and some family issues going on, I had to back out last minute. So Bryce & her cousin Jordan planned on Portugal instead. Things ended up clearing up for me and I decided I still wanted to travel with them so I tagged along. I had honestly never really heard of anything in Portugal. I had no idea what it was like or where we were going or what the cities were like. I just booked my hostels and flights and didn't do any research and showed up. I think I enjoyed the trip so much more and was so amazed because I had absolutely no clue what to expect. I hope you have sweet friends in your life that will always have like your back and let you feel included and invited, no matter the messiness. So excited to share my few days in Lisbon. There was so much we didn't get to do and see and I can NOT wait to go back. My favorite place I have been internationally so far. 

Where we stayed: Lisbon Old Town Hostel 

Our hotel was pretty good. Not my favorite hostel I've ever stayed in for a couple different reasons, but mostly because we had a weird experience with our roommates but the staff were the cutest and extremely helpful. The location is SO ideal and it's such a close walk to all of the stuff you want to be exploring in. 

Favorite places to Eat: Quase Cafe, Time out market & Manteigaria

Pastel de nata. Lisbon's famous pastries. They are amazing and I wish I could eat them 5 times a day. We basically did the entire trip. These egg tart pastries were invented back in the 18th century from Catholic monks. Back then egg was used to starch the nun's clothing, so they had an abundant supply off egg whites left over after doing the laundry and needed to do something to do with it. So they would use it to bake and this is where these bad boys were invented! Manteigaria was our local favorite shop to get them around the area we were staying in. Can't forget our daily shot of espresso too! 

Right around the block was this amazing market called Time Out market! They seriously had everything there. Fresh flowers, Sweets, Dinner & Lunch, foods from all different cultures, and of course all of the seafood. It is the perfect spot if you want a huge variety of food selections.

This next spot is so near to my heart. Quase Cafe. During our last day exploring before I had to head back to the states, I got my phone stolen by a pick pocketer. It seriously happened in the blink of an eye. I was so upset and beyond stressed out. It all ended up working out but it was not fun. Right after it happened we went into this cafe to see if they spoke any english and to see if they could help us. There was not a ton they could do, but they were the sweetest couple and my heart was just so comforted by them and being in their shop. They had the best cheese I have seriously ever eaten in my life (that is a huge deal) and the best mojitos. Whew dang it was unreal how good it was. They brought comfort to my distress and I want everyone in the entire world to experience Quase Cafe. 

What to do: Day trip to Belem, Day trip to Sintra, market on Saturday, Get a picture of the famous 28 tram car

Day Trip to Belem. Since I don't have enough good things to say about Lisbon's famous pastry (astel de nada) of course we had to take a day trip out to Belem to eat some at the bakery where they originated! It was so worth it. The line gets extremely long so make sure you don't wait for a table and go at a good time! The train leaves right from Lisbon and is a short ride over to Belem. 

Day trip to Sintra. Honestly, I should probably just have a separate blog post for Sintra because that is how much beauty there was. I got so many amazing captures and basically just walked around all day with my jaw dropped. It is the most gorgeous castle with so much character and history. Please make sure to take the train to Sintra. It was incredibly worth it and one of my favorite parts of the trip. 

Saturday Market: Feira da Ladra. A guy who worked at our hostel and quite a few other people recommended the market that happens on Saturday. It also happens on Tuesday but we weren't there for that day. We ended up going and there was so much stuff. For sure make sure you go and check it out! We met the sweetest girl who made the cutest handmade prints to pay for her school.

Make sure you catch a picture of the famous 28 tram car! And also make sure you hold onto your purse cause this is when I got mine stolen. People warn you every 5 minutes about holding onto your bags and it is no joke. 

Lisbon was so amazing and I feel like I didn't even get to see half of it. I can not wait to go back. The ridiculous hills, breathtaking tile, and Pastel de nada are some of my favorite traveling memories. Until next time Lisbon!  

Lagos, Portugal

As soon as we landed in Lisbon, we hopped on a bus to ride 3 hours South to the most beautiful Costal town called Lagos. Lagos is a part of Portugal's Algarve region. Even pulling up my heart was skipping beats. Their beaches are unlike anything I have ever experienced before. So stinking' beautiful.

I seriously am so excited to share my first half of my Portugal trip. We spent about 4 days in Lagos and then went straight back to Lisbon until I had to head back to America! So here is Lagos through a travelin' lady's eyes.

Where we stayed: White Sun Hostel

It's about a 10 minute walk from the town center where the bus drops off (STRAIGHT UPHILL PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE WITH SHOES OKAY?!!!) Sweetest couple owns it who speak little English but they were so kind and I adored our hostel. Couldn't have been happier with it. And we met the coolest people there too, but that's always a given when you pick a hostel over a hotel or air bob. Plus you save LOADS of money too. 

The Beaches: Praia Dona Ana, Praia Do Camilo, Praia Da Balanca

I still have dreams about the beaches I got to experience in Lagos. LOOK AT THIS MAGIC Y'ALL! A lot of people rent cars and will drive, but in all honesty we just walked. They have trails that run right along the coast where you can get such amazing views straight down into the cliffs. If you are on a budget and don't want to spend money on transportation, walking really was not bad at all. You can beach hop and get to experience them all in a day. Plus when you walk you get to be on the cool dirt trails that run right by the coast which made the experience even cooler. 

Praia Da Balanca is a MUST. It's probably the hardest beach to get down to due to how many stairs their are and you have to jump the wall to get down into the water. But it is so worth it. This was my favorite beach out of all of them. There is so much green and brown sea glass, I went home with a handful. Make sure if you are in Lagos you make it a point to get your booty down there. 

WHERE TO EAT (Most Importantly)

I have too many good things to say about the food in Lagos. It's a beach town so of course all you eat is sea food. Before my trip, if I even looked at sea food I would freak out. I spent my childhood in Florida and I haven't been able to stretch my sea food tolerance levels past a kids pop corn shrimp order. But I wanted the full experience of Portugal. So I laid my fears aside and went all out and tried EVERYTHING. I am a changed woman. I love seafood and could eat octopus for the rest of my life I'm pretty dang sure. Praises. Get some octopus for me while you are there okay? Deal.

We tried so many little restaurants and shops & sadly since I got my phone stolen later in the trip, all the notes I had were gone! But here here is my favorite spot we went to. Also if you don't get a pitcher of Sangria every night, you are not experiencing Lagos properly ;)

The Garden. If you scroll through this slide show you get a little taste of how stinking ADORABLE it was. By far my favorite little spot to eat and grab a pitcher of sangria in Lagos. It was so photogenic and so yummy. You have gotta go and experience this cuteness overload for yourself. But make sure to go when it's open because it has weird hours and also is extremely busy so you might want to make a reservation too! 

Make sure to take a day trip to Sagres! 


Sagres is the most western point of Europe and it is the sweetest little beach town! We took a bus up straight from the city center and spent the day exploring around. 

Lagos was good for our hearts and souls. We got tan, filled up on Sangria, and met some of the sweetest people from all over that we had some fun with. I loved Lagos and it holds such a special place in my heart. 

Grand Cayman with Carnival

Our first stop during our Carnival Cruise was to Grand Cayman. The largest island of the Cayman Islands located in the Caribbean. This is where we picked to do an excursion! I decided on swimming with the stingrays and couldn't have been more excited about it. 

After a morning cup of coffee on our seaside balcony, we set off to take a ferry to the island! We then got on a bus where we had the funniest bus driver. We learned a lot about the island and got a little mini tour, and then got dropped off at our sail boat and then made our way towards Stingray City! 

The sail over was so peaceful and relaxing, we had such a fun time. We also had the sweetest people on our boat ride too which made it even better. Once we got there I jumped right in and started swimming with the Rays. It was an absolute BLAST. I wanted to keep swimming all day. I was a little bit nervous at first, but I truly felt so safe. I didn't realize how loving and friendly stingrays are! 

After we spent a decent time in the water, we headed back to the main center to head back to the ship. Had to get some fresh coconut from The Coconut Man before I left though! It was such a solid day. Couldn't have had a better excursion. 

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white sands

I had an El Paso layover this October and was so excited because I have been absolutely itching to get out to White Sands National Park. It's about an hour and a half drive from the El Paso airport, so me and my good friend Nyri decided to rent a car and have ourselves a little adventure. It was an adventure to say the least because we actually ended up getting into a little hit and run accident which was insane! We were fine and it was really minor and decided to still stick to our adventure and go play in the sand. 

Here are my favorite images from our adventure out there. My only advice is to bring sunglasses and get ice cream & a cool match from the gift shop on the way out. If y'all can ever get out there you absolutely have to! 


Our time there was so great. We did a lot of dancing and running around (which are my favorite things). Want to end this photo diary post with El Paso's hidden secret. Her name is Kikki's and she will steal your entire Mexican food lovin' heart!!! Kikki's was a Mom & Pop's restaurant someone recomened to us. It was recently featured on the food network channel so we had to go see why. And boy did we. Love you Kikki's!! If you are ever in the area or passing though; YOU HAVE TO STOP!